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Fort Myers DJ House Music

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 The History of House Music

House music started out in Chicago in 1980 something during the time of the Disco era and it was the electronic extension of that genre.  House is great dance music just as Disco was, (many of the top dance songs of all time were Disco songs).  Around the mid 80’s House music really caught on and started spreading to other big cities all around the US and Europe.  “Pump Up The Volume” by Marrs, “House Nation” by Master Boys and the Rude Boy of House were some examples of early House that enjoyed great success.  Since the 1990’s House music has still been very popular throughout the US and Europe and huge dance crowds still enjoy this genre of music.

House music is mostly dance music and employs drum beats at 4/4 rhythms with a lot of synthesized backgrounds or base.  This can create a certain feeling for people to get them to want to have fun and dance, dance, dance.  The Disco music of the 80’s had beats much the same as House music does today.

Today there are several types of House music to include Euro, Micro, Deep, Electro, and Jump.  The kick drum on every beat separates House music from many other types of genres.

Singers and bands such as Daft Punk and C+C Music Factory, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, and Madonna helped this House music movement to get started big and spread here in the US.  House music is still very popular, especially in many of the larger cities of the US, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world.

DJ Riptide has an extensive library of all types of House music and we have the equipment to create a sweet party if you have the right crowd who want to dance all night and get crazy.  We can provide many different types of atmospheres for what you are looking for, from 50’s and 60’s music, Disco parties, Country, Zydeco, Club, Techno, Rock N Roll, and anything in-between.

Cactus Dave knows the music so whatever type of party you are looking for just hire

DJ Riptide

Fort Myers DJ Radio Edits

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Fort Myers DJ Radio Edits

Make sure your DJ has radio edits for all of his songs.  In some cases you might have a lot of younger people who want to hear and dance to all of the top 40 songs.  Many of those original songs have lots of cussing words in them.

Many people hear songs on the radio and the songs may become their favorites to dance to.  Some people never realize all of the cuss words that may be connected to those songs because they’ve been cleaned up by radio edits.  In other words, the songs are played on the radio or other public venues, (including the Ellen show) have had the cuss words removed.

If your DJ does not have the radio edits, many of your guest’s favorite songs will not get to be played because of their content.  Many DJ’s do not have radio edits because it’s hard to get them by free downloading.  Many unprofessional DJ’s get their music through free downloading and so don’t get the radio edits.

At the time of this writing this author does not know of any websites that filter the lyrics of a song to let someone know what cuss words are in a given song.  So, if someone is free downloading songs they would have to listen closely to all of the lyrics of each song to determine if they have cuss words in them.  This would be very time consuming for a DJ who is trying to keep up with all of the top 40 music of today.

In order to get real radio edits a DJ would almost have to buy them from a company who has already mixed the cuss words out of the song and this can be very expensive.   Professional DJ’s bare the expense and may have to charge a little more for your party in order for him or her to make a profit.

So, be sure you ask the DJ you plan to hire if he has the radio edits for all of the top 40 songs that your guests may want to dance to.  If he doesn’t, you should probably hire someone else.

Naples DJ Charge Too Much Money

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Why do Naples DJ’s Charge So Much Money?

Wedding receptions have gone way up in the past few years and the average one costs around $30,000.  You will actually pay less for your disc jockey than almost every other part of your reception and yet, your DJ can make or break your party!

Don’t take a chance to hire a Naples DJ who gives you a quote of only a third of the price of real, professional DJ’s.  Most professional DJ quotes will be right around the same pricing because of the steep overhead and time it takes to get a wedding reception together.

A Naples DJ has the cost of his equipment and updates to consider, as well as his back-up system.  A professional Naples DJ will have a complete back-up of equipment and songs in order to help insure against something going wrong with his main setup.  That will include speakers, mixer, music, etc.  A professional Naples DJ is always updating equipment and buying more music in order to keep up with the new songs coming out every day.  A Naples DJ hates to have someone request a song and he has to tell them he doesn’t have it.  It just sort of seems like a failure in his mind.  So, he continually updates his music library and it’s a large expense each month.

If you hire a professional Naples DJ he will take all of the stress off of you on your wedding day.  He will have spent a lot of time getting everything right with your help ahead of time as to what you want to happen during your party.  He will make sure he has and plays the right songs for you, in the right order, and at the right times.  You won’t have to worry about a thing as he makes the announcements and does your “Grand Entrance,” introducing your groomsmen, bride’s maids, maid of honor, and best man as he plays your favorite entrance song.  Your Naples DJ will play and announce your first dance, and get people seated for dinner, even release the tables in the correct order for a buffet.  He will announce the person saying a prayer, get your toasts in, and play your dinner music as you relax and enjoy your special day.

Your Naples DJ will help you with a beautiful song to cut the cake, get your single ladies up to catch the bouquet and the single guys for the garter.  He will play special songs you have requested and dedicate them to the proper people.  He will do his best to get people up on the dance floor and make your wedding day a time to remember.

Your Naples DJ can make or break your party so don’t make the mistake of hiring some wannabe DJ hack out there who could ruin everything for you.  This is an important part of your day, so do the best you can to hire a Naples DJ with a good reputation, lots of experience, and a real professional.

DJ Riptide 239-543-9949


Naples DJ Dance Lighting

 This Naples DJ Riptide 239-543-9949

Has had three gigs over the years that the client told us they really weren’t interested in getting people to dance.  Every other party we’ve done as a Naples DJ, Cape Coral DJ, or Fort Myers DJ, were all interested in getting people up on the dance floor Getting people to dance is the most important job a Naples DJ feels he has for your event.  If this is not the case, be sure to let him know you want more dinner type or listening music during your party. Naples DJ Riptide uses lighting as well as music to create a mood to get people up to the dance floor.  There are a few things to keep in mind if you are having an event and you want people to dance;

1.  Dim your lights in the venue, usually the dimmer the better to entice people to dance.  Many people feel better in a darker setting so people won’t see their dancing expertise 🙂

2.  Let your Naples DJ use his lighting to create more excitement on the dance floor.

3.  Night parties are usually better for getting people to dance.

4.  Make sure you have a dance floor if possible, not carpeting, sand, or something else where people can’t slide their feet.

5.  Try to be open to songs that your Naples DJ knows can get people to dance.  He’ll have quite a few favorites that he knows will work if you have a dance crowd.

Enjoy a night with Naples DJ Riptide and you can hire us at

Naples DJ Why So Loud 239-543-9949

Why do some Naples dj, Cape Coral dj , Fort Myers DJ’s play the music so loud?  We continually have to keep telling him to “Turn It Down!”

There are actually a few reasons that DJ’s turn the music up.

1.  Unprofessional DJ’s might just be so proud of their equipment they want to prove to you that they can blast you out so loud that you won’t be able to stay in the room.  They just want to show you the power of their great equipment and want the walls to vibrate.

2.  Professional DJ’s want the party guests to be happy and have a great time!  This can be a balancing act between volume and trying to make everyone happy.

A DJ’s job can be very hectic and stressful at times, depending on the client’s happiness and the many different types of crowds that can be encountered.

Number one, of course is to make the client happy and number two is to make the guests happy.  Many times there may be one person or a few people who really are not interested in dancing or music as part of a party.  Those people are going to want to keep the music down to a bare minimum and would rather there was no DJ at all.

Then there are people who would dance if they get to feeling the excitement of people already out there on the floor having fun.  There are also people who love to dance and will be out there no matter what the mood.  They are the “party animals” and the ones that DJ’s just love to have in attendance.

“Party animals” can be few and far between at some events so it’s up to the DJ to try to get some excitement going.  He may tell funny jokes, try to get some audience participation in games or sing-along etc.  Many DJ’s just turn the music up thinking that will bring them to the dance floor.  It’s like yelling, “Get your ass up here on this dance floor, don’t you hear the great music I’m playing!”

Here’s the thing….certain volumes of the music can actually create more excitement and entice people to dance.  Also, people keep the beat in time to the base of a given song, so increased base can really help get people to dance.  A DJ can call people to the dance floor with the correct amount of base and treble.  Some DJ’s just do some “overkill” thinking to really get them going.  This may have the opposite effect and turn them off.  They may even leave the room because it has just become so much noise.

A professional DJ will work closely with the client on what they are looking for as far as volume of the music.  He will balance the client’s wishes along with what he knows will get people to dance.  It’s a total balancing act but that’s why you pay your DJ a fair price for his services.


Fort Myers DJ Get Them Dancing

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Some of you don’t like the “Cupid Shuffle” “Electric Slide” “Cha Cha Slide” “Chicken Dance” etc.  If you tell us you don’t want these dances included in your party, of course we’re not going to play them.

However, many people just absolutely love to do these dances and they can be really great party starters.  You can have a totally barren dance floor for an hour and if you play the “Cupid Shuffle” for instance, the dance floor could get packed.

Many times that’s all they need to “break the ice” and this could make or break your party if you are interested in people dancing.

Getting people to dance is the top priority for most DJ’s and he or she will not be happy if he can’t get some dancers out on the dance floor.  This is the reason you don’t just set up a boom box and play a few CD’s instead of hiring a DJ.

A good DJ will read the crowd, notice the ages of the guests, watch the toe tapping, head bopping, body movements, to see what kind of music is affecting the crowd.

Let’s face it though, some crowds are just not going to dance and the best DJ probably is not going to change that much.  There are families or groups that just are not dancers, never have been, never will be.  Some people just like to listen and don’t care about dancing at all and that is fine.  Those people still can appreciate a good DJ and may be the first at the end of the party to tell the DJ he did a great job.

DJ’s have a great many tricks they learn over the years on how to get people up and dancing, “Ice breakers” being one of many tools of the trade.

So, next time you have a party you may not want to tie the DJ’s hands by telling him no “Cupid Shuffle.”


Fort Myers DJ Emcee


Cape Coral DJ Dave and Kimi

Your DJ Can em.cee your event if you like.

Some DJ’s are willing to em.cee events and some are not.  Make sure you ask your Naples DJ ahead of time if he can em.cee if that’s what you are looking for.

What does an em.cee do?

If you are having a wedding reception your DJ can em.cee and take control of the events happening during your reception.  He can watch the times, to make sure everything gets included before your party is over.  He can announce the introductions and “Grand Entrance,” the prayer, toasts, cake cutting, garter and bouquet tosses, last dance, everything to take the responsibility from you.  You can sit back and enjoy your party instead of worrying if everything will get done in time.

If you want more control, you can tell your DJ when you want something to happen as the evening progresses but this may cause more stress to you.  It all depends on what you want and make sure your DJ understands this before the day of your party.

You may also choose to have your DJ just play music and read the crowd for dancing.  Let him know if you don’t want him to announce anything, and just play music.

DJ Riptide is open to em.cee your whole event or just play music, it’s all up to you and it’s your party!


Fort Myers DJ How Much Does It Cost


DJ’s fees can vary by a considerable amount.  Some DJ’s charge you different prices for different packages they provide.  Some packages have lighting, or certain types of dance lights, up-lighting, etc.  Some of their packages include no lighting.

Some packages include a wireless mic, some do not.  The packages all include different types of equipment, shelters, generators, sub-woofers, etc. etc.  It may be difficult to sort out exactly what you might end up paying.  Some packages even include set-up or tear down prices, some do not.

DJ Riptide does not charge you by the package.  We bring all of our equipment to every party except for shelter or generator, (which does cost more).  We make it very simple to our customers and when you request a quote you will get one price for our service.  You will know right away, exactly what you would pay us for your party.

We are not in this business to make a “killing” from your wedding reception or party.  We only ask a fair fee for our professional services.  DJ equipment and music is not cheap and we must pay our overhead and still make a profit to stay in business.

We do promise to be fair with you and hope you will book us for your next party.  Just follow to get your quote today!


Fort Myers DJ Seniors Love To Party Too

Seniors Love To Party

We have found that seniors love to put on a good party and love to dance.  Some of their parties can be “over the top” with dancing, laughter, and fun, fun, fun!  Seniors can enjoy all types of music from “Oldies” to “Top 40” you just never know, and we always enjoy doing parties for everyone.


Many times, seniors love to play games during their parties and it just makes everything doubly fun!  We hope if you are having a Senior’s party, you will consider booking us for your event.


Roll out the barell
There is a tavern in the town
Where did you get that hat?
Don’t dilly dally on the way
Any old Iron
I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Quartermasters store
Roll me over in the clover
All of me
Blue skies
When you’re smiling
Knees up Mother Brown
Pennies from heaven
Tea for two
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Moonlight Bay
By the light of the silvery moon
Shine on harvest moon
Side by side
Hello Dolly
You are my sunshine
Show me the way to go home
It’s a long way to Tipperary
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
I love a lassie
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
5 foot 2, eyes of blue
Ain’t she sweet
Deep in the heart of Texas
When the saints go marching in
Coming round the mountains
Camborne Hill
Cockles and mussles
Wild rover
Irene goodnight
Daisy Belle (Bicycle built for 2)
I’m forever blowing bubbles
I belong to Glasgow
When Irish eyes are smiling
Down at the old bull and bush
Two lovely black eyes
She was one of the early birds and I was one of the worms
The trail of the lonesome pine
Leaning on a lamp post
Mountains of Mourne
Danny boy
Loch Lomond
When you were sweet sixteen
Will ye go lassie go
Brother can you spare a dime
Choo, choo, ch, boogie
Fly me to the moon
La vie en rose
My funny valentine
Georgia on my mind
Tuxedo junction
What a wonderful world
Nobody knows you when you’re down and out
Tennessee waltz
Beautiful dreamer
When I fall in love
Blue moon
It’s now or never
Fools rush in
To hear the nightingale sing
Wild colonial boy
Eileen Oge
Bonny wee Jeanie McColl


Fort Myers DJ What Equipment

Picture of Kimi

Ask your DJ what kind of equipment he will be bringing to your party.  Make sure he has good equipment and back-ups for everything.  Just the other day we were at a pool party and the DJ couldn’t get his laptop to work when it was time for him to start playing.  It would start up and then shut right back down.  The DJ had a mobile device with music on it but the songs were old songs, and almost all slow.  He had no choice but to start playing the songs he had from the mobile device while his wife drove home to get another laptop.

It took more than an hour for his wife to drive home and get back to the party with the other laptop.  Meanwhile the comments about what he was playing was vicious.  They thought this DJ was terrible even though they knew he was having problems with the music.  Finally, he got the other laptop up and running and he turned out to be a good DJ and had good music.  He was forgiven by the crowd on the surface but they won’t forget soon the hour they didn’t enjoy.

DJ Riptide always brings back-ups for everything.  You never know what might stop working when it comes to electronics so we never take a chance.  We have speaker back-ups, computer, mic cords, monitor, mice, keyboards, mixers, music library, all backed up just in case.  You never know what might happen but we always try to plan for the worst and hope for the best.