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Why do some Naples dj, Cape Coral dj , Fort Myers DJ’s play the music so loud?  We continually have to keep telling him to “Turn It Down!”

There are actually a few reasons that DJ’s turn the music up.

1.  Unprofessional DJ’s might just be so proud of their equipment they want to prove to you that they can blast you out so loud that you won’t be able to stay in the room.  They just want to show you the power of their great equipment and want the walls to vibrate.

2.  Professional DJ’s want the party guests to be happy and have a great time!  This can be a balancing act between volume and trying to make everyone happy.

A DJ’s job can be very hectic and stressful at times, depending on the client’s happiness and the many different types of crowds that can be encountered.

Number one, of course is to make the client happy and number two is to make the guests happy.  Many times there may be one person or a few people who really are not interested in dancing or music as part of a party.  Those people are going to want to keep the music down to a bare minimum and would rather there was no DJ at all.

Then there are people who would dance if they get to feeling the excitement of people already out there on the floor having fun.  There are also people who love to dance and will be out there no matter what the mood.  They are the “party animals” and the ones that DJ’s just love to have in attendance.

“Party animals” can be few and far between at some events so it’s up to the DJ to try to get some excitement going.  He may tell funny jokes, try to get some audience participation in games or sing-along etc.  Many DJ’s just turn the music up thinking that will bring them to the dance floor.  It’s like yelling, “Get your ass up here on this dance floor, don’t you hear the great music I’m playing!”

Here’s the thing….certain volumes of the music can actually create more excitement and entice people to dance.  Also, people keep the beat in time to the base of a given song, so increased base can really help get people to dance.  A DJ can call people to the dance floor with the correct amount of base and treble.  Some DJ’s just do some “overkill” thinking to really get them going.  This may have the opposite effect and turn them off.  They may even leave the room because it has just become so much noise.

A professional DJ will work closely with the client on what they are looking for as far as volume of the music.  He will balance the client’s wishes along with what he knows will get people to dance.  It’s a total balancing act but that’s why you pay your DJ a fair price for his services.


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