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Why do Naples DJ’s Charge So Much Money?

Wedding receptions have gone way up in the past few years and the average one costs around $30,000.  You will actually pay less for your disc jockey than almost every other part of your reception and yet, your DJ can make or break your party!

Don’t take a chance to hire a Naples DJ who gives you a quote of only a third of the price of real, professional DJ’s.  Most professional DJ quotes will be right around the same pricing because of the steep overhead and time it takes to get a wedding reception together.

A Naples DJ has the cost of his equipment and updates to consider, as well as his back-up system.  A professional Naples DJ will have a complete back-up of equipment and songs in order to help insure against something going wrong with his main setup.  That will include speakers, mixer, music, etc.  A professional Naples DJ is always updating equipment and buying more music in order to keep up with the new songs coming out every day.  A Naples DJ hates to have someone request a song and he has to tell them he doesn’t have it.  It just sort of seems like a failure in his mind.  So, he continually updates his music library and it’s a large expense each month.

If you hire a professional Naples DJ he will take all of the stress off of you on your wedding day.  He will have spent a lot of time getting everything right with your help ahead of time as to what you want to happen during your party.  He will make sure he has and plays the right songs for you, in the right order, and at the right times.  You won’t have to worry about a thing as he makes the announcements and does your “Grand Entrance,” introducing your groomsmen, bride’s maids, maid of honor, and best man as he plays your favorite entrance song.  Your Naples DJ will play and announce your first dance, and get people seated for dinner, even release the tables in the correct order for a buffet.  He will announce the person saying a prayer, get your toasts in, and play your dinner music as you relax and enjoy your special day.

Your Naples DJ will help you with a beautiful song to cut the cake, get your single ladies up to catch the bouquet and the single guys for the garter.  He will play special songs you have requested and dedicate them to the proper people.  He will do his best to get people up on the dance floor and make your wedding day a time to remember.

Your Naples DJ can make or break your party so don’t make the mistake of hiring some wannabe DJ hack out there who could ruin everything for you.  This is an important part of your day, so do the best you can to hire a Naples DJ with a good reputation, lots of experience, and a real professional.

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