Fort Myers DJ Emcee


Cape Coral DJ Dave and Kimi

Your DJ Can em.cee your event if you like.

Some DJ’s are willing to em.cee events and some are not.  Make sure you ask your Naples DJ ahead of time if he can em.cee if that’s what you are looking for.

What does an em.cee do?

If you are having a wedding reception your DJ can em.cee and take control of the events happening during your reception.  He can watch the times, to make sure everything gets included before your party is over.  He can announce the introductions and “Grand Entrance,” the prayer, toasts, cake cutting, garter and bouquet tosses, last dance, everything to take the responsibility from you.  You can sit back and enjoy your party instead of worrying if everything will get done in time.

If you want more control, you can tell your DJ when you want something to happen as the evening progresses but this may cause more stress to you.  It all depends on what you want and make sure your DJ understands this before the day of your party.

You may also choose to have your DJ just play music and read the crowd for dancing.  Let him know if you don’t want him to announce anything, and just play music.

DJ Riptide is open to em.cee your whole event or just play music, it’s all up to you and it’s your party!


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