Find a good DJ in Fort Myers Florida

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Find a good DJ in Fort Myers Florida.  We may be the least expensive, professional DJ you contact.  We have Karaoke

If you want to Find a good DJ in Fort Myers Florida contact Dave and Kimi  for audiences in their 40’s on up. We travel the areas of Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral doing all kinds of parties.

We are a Fort Myers DJ team and are not kids who would play your music loud with Rap music.  We know the music from the 50’s on up through the 90’s very well.

We can also play to younger crowds and are expert with top 40’s. We love all kinds of music and Dave knows the songs well.

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We DJ for weddings, or any party. Dave and Kimi love to DJ in the cities of Naples, Cape Coral, Marco Island,  and small towns within 100 miles of Fort Myers.

When you hire DJ Riptide you will be getting DJ’s who really care about the services we provide for you.

We want to make you happy so will do everything we can to play the music any way you like it.  You will control all aspects of your party if we can help you.

You control the volume and type of music, lighting, even what Dave and Kimi will wear to your event.

We are not kids so definitely know the music from the 60’s especially through the 90’s.  We also have the latest top 40 songs for the younger audience.


The importance of your DJ’s equipment cannot be overstated.  Dave and Kimi have the best equipment available, and have back-ups for everything.

You never know when something electronic will fail, and you don’t want your party ruined because there are no backups.

We have the latest Radio edits, so can play your favorite songs at most venues.


Make sure your DJ has insurance because some venues insist on it. You don’t want to have your DJ turned away on your party day because he doesn’t have insurance. DJ Riptide carries insurance through

Our Promise To You

DJ Dave and Kimi promise to do everything we can to help your party be a success. After you have sent your deposit, and signed the contract, you are “booked.  We will meet with you in person. to discuss all aspects of your party if you like.

You will have our email address and we never fail to answer any and all of your questions or comments. We check our mail several times every day and reply immediately to our customers.

You never have to wait several days to hear from us. We like to work with the planners we use on this website for weddings and receptions.

We invite everyone to choose any and all songs for your party. You can also just give us an idea of what you like and we’ll take it from there. It’s all what you are comfortable with.

You are the “boss” when you hire DJ Riptide, and you control the volume.  We want you to be happy with our services.

When you book us we ask that you sign our contract, and pay your deposit. At that time you are considered, “booked” and no one else can get your date.

We can emcee your whole event, following the planner that we agree to before the wedding and reception. We can follow your lead and play songs, do the cake cutting, first dance, etc. when you tell us to.  We can schedule everything according to the planner.

We can take all the stress of getting everything done in the right order at the right time, so you don’t have to do it. It’s all up to you when you hire DJ Riptide

We hope you will take some time to explore this website. Watch some of our videos and view our photos.  Learn many things about what your DJ can do for you.

Even if you decide not to hire us, please feel free to use our planners or music lists on this site.

Theme parties are Dave and Kimi’s specialty. If you want to have a theme party, just ask and check out some of our past parties Themes.

Find our prices by getting a quote. Read reviews of past events for DJ Riptide.  Dave and Kimi have lots of experience with weddings and wedding receptions.  Get your quote today, we’re waiting to help plan your special day or evening.

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