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 The History of House Music

House music started out in Chicago in 1980 something during the time of the Disco era and it was the electronic extension of that genre.  House is great dance music just as Disco was, (many of the top dance songs of all time were Disco songs).  Around the mid 80’s House music really caught on and started spreading to other big cities all around the US and Europe.  “Pump Up The Volume” by Marrs, “House Nation” by Master Boys and the Rude Boy of House were some examples of early House that enjoyed great success.  Since the 1990’s House music has still been very popular throughout the US and Europe and huge dance crowds still enjoy this genre of music.

House music is mostly dance music and employs drum beats at 4/4 rhythms with a lot of synthesized backgrounds or base.  This can create a certain feeling for people to get them to want to have fun and dance, dance, dance.  The Disco music of the 80’s had beats much the same as House music does today.

Today there are several types of House music to include Euro, Micro, Deep, Electro, and Jump.  The kick drum on every beat separates House music from many other types of genres.

Singers and bands such as Daft Punk and C+C Music Factory, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, and Madonna helped this House music movement to get started big and spread here in the US.  House music is still very popular, especially in many of the larger cities of the US, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world.

DJ Riptide has an extensive library of all types of House music and we have the equipment to create a sweet party if you have the right crowd who want to dance all night and get crazy.  We can provide many different types of atmospheres for what you are looking for, from 50’s and 60’s music, Disco parties, Country, Zydeco, Club, Techno, Rock N Roll, and anything in-between.

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