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Ask your DJ what kind of equipment he will be bringing to your party.  Make sure he has good equipment and back-ups for everything.  Just the other day we were at a pool party and the DJ couldn’t get his laptop to work when it was time for him to start playing.  It would start up and then shut right back down.  The DJ had a mobile device with music on it but the songs were old songs, and almost all slow.  He had no choice but to start playing the songs he had from the mobile device while his wife drove home to get another laptop.

It took more than an hour for his wife to drive home and get back to the party with the other laptop.  Meanwhile the comments about what he was playing was vicious.  They thought this DJ was terrible even though they knew he was having problems with the music.  Finally, he got the other laptop up and running and he turned out to be a good DJ and had good music.  He was forgiven by the crowd on the surface but they won’t forget soon the hour they didn’t enjoy.

DJ Riptide always brings back-ups for everything.  You never know what might stop working when it comes to electronics so we never take a chance.  We have speaker back-ups, computer, mic cords, monitor, mice, keyboards, mixers, music library, all backed up just in case.  You never know what might happen but we always try to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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