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Fort Myers DJ Reviews

Hi Dave and Kim,

Just wanted to say again a big thank you for helping to make our party successful. I got a lot of positive DJ comments and there is buzz to do it again next year.  Everyone is saying what a good time it was and some wished they would have come.  We think the costumes made it so fun and people will have a whole season to plan for next year so don’t be surprised if I call on you again.  Nice meeting and working with you, thanks so much! Deb Hawkins

The above review was sent to us in our private email from a satisfied customer!  Our reviews that you see on the right side of this website came from another website that we belong to.  We also get customers from that other website and they have a form that our customers can fill out with reviews.  All of our reviews are real and have come from actual customers.

Reviews can be very important for your decisions about what DJ’s would be best to hire.  Below is a review that is online now that you can read and will tell you a lot about a certain DJ:  NOTE:  I have removed any names in the following.

“Where do I begin…we had our wedding at the Pink Shell Resort in Ft.Myers Beach, everything was amazing except for the DJ….

•Played the wrong cake cutting song.
•My wife and I made a neat list of requested songs..played hardly any.
•Sarcastic on the microphone during the activities.
•Talked us into getting our wedding videotaped, didn’t get the tape until 4months afterwards and my wife’s name was spelt wrong.
•My wife’s father asked to play for another 30 minutes…refused unless he had cash.(which would be fair if he hadn’t have already ruined the wedding).
•Very good talker but doesn’t back anything up.”

When you are looking at reviews to decide on a DJ for your special event throw out the worst one and the best one.  Read the rest of the reviews to make your decision.  Videos is another way you can kind of tell what your DJ will be like.  You should always ask to see videos from past events that your DJ has done.

This is a very important day for you no matter what kind of party you are going to host.  It’s an important decision on what Fort Myers DJ you want to hire and that doesn’t always mean the DJ who charges the least.

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