How Much Does It Cost

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire DJ Riptide?

Here is a normal breakdown of how much it costs, for the most part:

Private parties, simple birthdays, anniversaries, in our area usually around $350 for 4 hours.

Wedding receptions in our area around $550 for 4 hours.  (It costs more if we also do the ceremony music and have to move equipment).

If you are looking for a professional DJ we believe our prices will be in line with or better than most other professional DJ’s

There are non- professional DJ’s out there who may charge less but don’t take a chance when hiring someone for your party or on one of the most important days of your life….your wedding reception!

When you hire us you will quickly find out the care we take to give you a great party!

Here are the questions we ask ourselves on how much to charge when you fill out a quote from one of the tabs above:  (We don’t do packages, we just give you one fair price which includes all).

1.  Are we free the day of your party?  If we are not free it’s no use giving you a quote.  We have our good friend DJ Robert who we help with bookings too, so he may be available.

2.  Where is your party going to be located?  It makes a difference in how far we have to travel before we have to charge extra.  Our area is around 50 miles from the Fort Myers area and we normally don’t charge extra for that.

3.  What kind of party are you having?  We charge more for weddings and wedding receptions, holiday parties, etc.  than we do for birthdays, anniversaries, or just regular parties.  Some parties just take a lot more time to put together.

4.  Lastly, we need to know how many hours your party will be.