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Some of you don’t like the “Cupid Shuffle” “Electric Slide” “Cha Cha Slide” “Chicken Dance” etc.  If you tell us you don’t want these dances included in your party, of course we’re not going to play them.

However, many people just absolutely love to do these dances and they can be really great party starters.  You can have a totally barren dance floor for an hour and if you play the “Cupid Shuffle” for instance, the dance floor could get packed.

Many times that’s all they need to “break the ice” and this could make or break your party if you are interested in people dancing.

Getting people to dance is the top priority for most DJ’s and he or she will not be happy if he can’t get some dancers out on the dance floor.  This is the reason you don’t just set up a boom box and play a few CD’s instead of hiring a DJ.

A good DJ will read the crowd, notice the ages of the guests, watch the toe tapping, head bopping, body movements, to see what kind of music is affecting the crowd.

Let’s face it though, some crowds are just not going to dance and the best DJ probably is not going to change that much.  There are families or groups that just are not dancers, never have been, never will be.  Some people just like to listen and don’t care about dancing at all and that is fine.  Those people still can appreciate a good DJ and may be the first at the end of the party to tell the DJ he did a great job.

DJ’s have a great many tricks they learn over the years on how to get people up and dancing, “Ice breakers” being one of many tools of the trade.

So, next time you have a party you may not want to tie the DJ’s hands by telling him no “Cupid Shuffle.”


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