What Age Should Your DJ Be

What age should your DJ be

What is the most important thing you want of your DJ

Do you want your DJ to be young and buff, so he can be great “eye candy” for your guests?

Do you want him to know the latest in club, trance, techno music?

Do you want your DJ to scatch, talk ghetto, etc?
Do you want the music to be very loud with killer base, and drown out everything in the room but the music?
What will your guests want?

I guess when you hire your DJ it will depend on what kind of party you are really looking forward to, and whether you want to please only yourself or your guests too.

If you’re doing a private party, Rave or House, Club dance maybe all of the above will apply.  If you’re doing a wedding reception, birthday, or private party with guests of all ages attending, maybe you may want to change your thinking.

Dave and Kimi are mature DJ’s and have grown up with songs from several years ago on up through the very latest of today’s music to include Hip-Hop, Top 40, Country, Rock n Roll, Oldies, etc. We pride ourselves on how much we know about songs of the ages up through today.

Dave and Kimi will do everything they can to help your party be a success and will play any or all music you choose for your party.  Dave is very good at feeling out the audience and finding out what songs they could possibly get up and dance to.  He knows that people in their 40’s and 50’s may like songs that are different than the guests who are in their 20’s.  Dave always tries to play songs that may get some people dancing and other songs that may get other guests dancing.

Dave never plays songs in long sets because he knows that people sometimes get disgusted with their DJ for playing all songs directed toward only one age group.

If you hire DJ Riptide you will get DJ’s who really care about your party and will work with you to play all the music you love.


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