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A while back some regular customers of ours hired us to do their every other year Halloween party.  We had been doing their party twice in the past, so over a period of about 4 years.  When we showed up this particular year the client was so happy and he said grateful that we could do his party.  As it happened, the past party which had been a couple years ago he tried booking us too late for Halloween, (we were already booked).  He had to hire a different DJ for his event that year.

The client told us that the whole event that year was a disaster and the DJ was just terrible!  He said the song choices the guy played were no good and he had told the DJ about their costume contest.  The first year we did his gig he just told us they were having a costume contest but didn’t know anything about how to do it.  He said he had 5 prizes to give away.  The client was actually stressed out about it because the contest was important to him and he didn’t know what to do.  We told him not to worry about it and we would take care of everything.  We asked if 9:00 p.m. would be a good time for the contest and he said, “yes, I think that would be perfect!”  We told him to go ahead and have fun, dance, enjoy his guests because he wouldn’t have to worry at all about the contest, we would take care of it all.

At 9:00 p.m. that evening I started playing the old funeral march and asked everyone to come to the dance floor that had a costume on.  As they filed up and arrived on the dance floor I started playing “Ghost Buster” theme song and asked them to go in single file around the pool, giving them plenty of time to dance or just walk in the conga type line.  I had told them that two secret judges had been chosen that would decide on the best costumes for the evening.  When they got back to the dance floor I started playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  I invited everyone to the dance floor to mingle with everyone with a costume.  They loved the music and everyone danced.  It was a great time.

A little while later we announced the winners and gave away the prizes.  Well, the client was very happy with us and we feel like one of the family even today.  That year that he had to hire a different DJ he asked that DJ to take care of the contest and the DJ said, “ok yeah, I’ll take care of everything.”  Well, the contest never happened at all that night.  The client kept waiting for the DJ to make it happen but it never did.  This client is a very nice, laid back person and he didn’t even ask the DJ why he never did the contest.  Needless to say, the client said that he will never hire another DJ for his party besides DJ Riptide.

Your Naples DJ, also works in all the towns around our area to include Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, etc.  We are very experienced in doing games, trivia, contests, but we can just play dance music too.  Hire this Fort Myers DJ today.

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