How Does a Fort Myers DJ Decide How Much To Charge For Services

Fort Myers DJ

Fort Myers DJ Riptide puts a lot of thought into how much to charge people for a given party.  We have to think about the distance we’ll have to travel to get to the venue.  This takes time and longer distances can add hours to the gig we will do.  We have to add in fuel costs as well as driving time.

We then have to think about the preparation time it will take for the party to do it right.  Fort Myers DJ Riptide are professionals and we make sure we do everything we can to make our customers happy with the service we provide.  Some customers just tell us to play whatever we think is good for their group.  Fort Myers DJ Riptide, Cactus Dave is very good at reading the crowd and playing to their age groups.  We have all kinds of music from Oldies to Country, Hip-Hop, Top 40, Spanish, Beach Music, Rock and Roll, House, Techno, New age, you name it.  Some customers give us a list of the songs they want to make sure we play.  This takes some extra time and money at home to get ready for the gig and make sure we have all of those songs available.  Dave puts them all into a special play list to make sure he plays all the ones you want.

Wedding receptions are a lot more work for a responsible, Fort Myers DJ Riptide.  We ask that you fill out our wedding and reception planners to make sure your most important day is done right.  We always make sure we’re on the same page as the bride and groom well before the reception happens.  We can emcee the event and make sure everything goes in order as to when things happen and what songs will be played.  It takes a few days to get everything right and all the correct songs lined up for the bride and groom on their wedding day!

Weddings cost more because they take much more time to get set up and get everything to happen right that’s humanly possible.  Some DJ’s may charge a lot less because they put very little work into any of their gigs.  All they do is get there and slap on some songs, turn it up as loud as possible, and call it good.

When you hire Fort Myers DJ Riptide we will guarantee to try to do everything we can to make our services well worth the money to you.  You will pay more for just about every other service during your wedding and reception than you will for your Fort Myers DJ Riptide.  Think about it though, your DJ will make or break your reception.  Don’t take a chance on hiring just anyone to take on that responsibility.

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