Why Not Just Use a Boombox

Picture of Dave and Kimi at their DJ table

Dave and Kimi at the table


So, you’re going to have a party or a wedding so why not just use a boombox?  You can play the same music a DJ can, so why go to the extra expense?  Isn’t a DJ really a waste of money because of all the music options today?These are all points to consider before putting out the money for a DJ.  Dave and Kimi will continue to try to bring our expertise to our gigs at a reasonable price.  Free, however, can be much better right?  Maybe….let’s think about it a little.

Am I just going to have a few friends over for a cookout and maybe a few beers?  If so, throw on some background music from your outdoor speakers through your I-phone.  If you’re going to have a special birthday party, anniversary, or larger party, hire a DJ.

Your guests will appreciate the expense you went to in order to hire a DJ for the party.  Just the visual of a DJ setup at the party puts most people into an excited mood.  The guests are anticipating a night to be remembered because you hired a professional for the party.

When the DJ starts the music you will hear a difference usually just because of the professional speakers he is using.  You’ll feel it in your belly and it may make you want to dance.  The first thing a professional DJ will do is see what ages his audience is.  Then he will start out with music to fit the crowd that’s attending.

The DJ will always watch the floor and note what type of music people are dancing to.  He will attempt to play more of that kind of music.  The DJ will blend the songs being played.  This part is so important in order to keep people dancing.

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