Fort Myers DJ How Much Does It Cost


DJ’s fees can vary by a considerable amount.  Some DJ’s charge you different prices for different packages they provide.  Some packages have lighting, or certain types of dance lights, up-lighting, etc.  Some of their packages include no lighting.

Some packages include a wireless mic, some do not.  The packages all include different types of equipment, shelters, generators, sub-woofers, etc. etc.  It may be difficult to sort out exactly what you might end up paying.  Some packages even include set-up or tear down prices, some do not.

DJ Riptide does not charge you by the package.  We bring all of our equipment to every party except for shelter or generator, (which does cost more).  We make it very simple to our customers and when you request a quote you will get one price for our service.  You will know right away, exactly what you would pay us for your party.

We are not in this business to make a “killing” from your wedding reception or party.  We only ask a fair fee for our professional services.  DJ equipment and music is not cheap and we must pay our overhead and still make a profit to stay in business.

We do promise to be fair with you and hope you will book us for your next party.  Just follow to get your quote today!


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