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A while back some regular dancing customers hired us to do their every other year Halloween party.  We had been doing their party twice in the past, so over a period of about 4 years.  When we showed up this particular year the client was so happy and he said grateful that we could come again because the other DJ they had to hire last year was terrible.

We’ve always had good luck getting people to dance.  Dave jokes with the audience and knows the songs to try to get people up on the floor.  There are times however, that nothing you do will get them going.  Some crowds are just not dancers.  They do love to toe tap and move with the music, they just don’t like to get up in front of others.  No magic will get people to dance who are just not dancers.

We promise to try our best to get a crowd up on the floor and Kimi gets up there first a lot of times to get them going.  Even though at times there have been crowds that didn’t dance, they still let us know how much they enjoyed our song lists.  We have had rave reviews from people who never dance but just enjoy listening to the music.

Source: Games, Contests, Trivia, and Dancing

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