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Wedding receptions and ceremonies today are very expensive and here are some of the venues in our area;  Here are some of the prices in our area

You will pay less for your cape coral DJ than almost any other part of your wedding and yet, the DJ is probably the most important.  If you hire a non-professional DJ who knows what you will end up with.

Your Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, DJ Riptide will try to be as thorough as possible to help make your reception the best it can be.  There are many hack DJ’s out there with very little experience, no back-ups, no insurance, terrible equipment who sometimes don’t even show up.

Music is usually the part of your reception that people will talk about the most in the years to come when thinking about how great your wedding was.  We’ve seen many receptions where the friends and families of the bride and groom just loved to dance.  Sometimes the crowd will dance every dance and love to celebrate your most important day with you.

Some families and friends at wedding receptions are just not dancers.  We’ve also seen that a time or two.  We play music that most people love and are always very open to requests in order to find the music your crowd loves.  Even those receptions in the past we’ve had where people just weren’t big dancers was still a lot of fun!  The crowd smiled and laughed, tapped their toes, and at the end of the party, told us how much they loved the music.

We won’t blast the crowd with ear splitting volume so they can’t hear each other talk.  We have the equipment to make it loud when the audience wants it but we keep things at levels appropriate to what your guests want.

We will go over the list of songs you might like when you hire us and we will try to do everything we can to come up to your expectations on your special day!

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