Fort Myers DJ Does The Bride Have A Choice

Can The Bride And Groom Choose Their Songs?

Many DJ’s just tell the bride and groom that they are professionals and know what songs to be played at your party or reception.  They don’t let you choose a song list either because they feel they know best or it’s just too much work.

DJ Riptide encourages the bride and groom to choose their music.  We will advise people at times that certain song choices are not really popular and people may not dance to them.  We have found sometimes though, groups of people who know each other and have been friends for a long time do know what the whole group likes.  There have been times we thought nobody would think about dancing to a certain song chosen by the bride and groom, and everyone got out on the dance floor.

It is a lot of extra work to make sure we have all the songs someone may request and can be expensive if we don’t have a lot of the songs.  We feel though, that we are getting paid to do our job the best way we can so everyone is happy.

We allow song choices for all of our parties and when we get booked that is the first thing we ask….send us a song list if you like!

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