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This  Contract agreement, made between DJ R.I.P. Tide (here-in-after known as (“Disc-Jockey”) and the “Client,” is for the purpose of contracting the Disc-Jockey’s entertainment service.

1. The Disc-Jockey agrees to provide mobile disc-jockey services on date discussed as per this contract.

A deposit in advance is required for the contract, $100.00. The balance over the deposit is due within the first hour of the event IN CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY. The deposit is non-refundable except as provided in Paragraph 5 below. Payments for the deposit, will be accepted by Amazon Payments on web site, money order, mailed check, or cash payments.

A gratuity is suggested (optional) when quality services are provided by your Disc-Jockey. This Contract is contingent upon the receipt of the deposit and contract (contract must have the Client’s signature). The disc-jockey must receive the deposit before the event is binding. The Client agrees to pay a $25.00 service charged for all returned checks, plus any bank service charges incurred by the Disc-Jockey. The Client agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the Disc-Jockey’s equipment from direct sunlight and rain unless other arrangements are made. The Client further agrees to provide sufficient electrical power within fifty feet of the location where the Disc-Jockey’s equipment is set up, and the Disc-Jockey will provide the table for their own use. The Client agrees to provide specific directions to the event location, and access for the disc jockey’s set-up at least one full hour
prior to stated, contracted time. Contracted time will show on the receipt for the deposit.

3. The Client may request that the Disc-Jockey play longer than the time frame listed above. The Disc-Jockey will provide a longer performance if he has no other obligations and the Client is willing to pay current overtime rates. The availability of the Disc-Jockey to play over cannot be guaranteed. Please call the office if you have any questions on our availability to play over.

4. The Disc-Jockey will make every effort to play all requests but cannot be held responsible if specific selections are not available. The Client agrees that the quality of the performance by the Disc Jockey is not a debatable subject, since this can be very subjective.

5. This agreement cannot be terminated by any of the parties hereto, but is subject to proven detention by sickness, accidents, equipment malfunction or acts of God beyond the control of the Disc-Jockey. In the unlikely event that the Disc-Jockey is unable to appear, the Disc-Jockey will make every effort to find a qualified substitute replacement. In the unlikely event that a replacement cannot be found, the Disc-Jockey will make a full refund of any deposit paid by the Client, however, the Client agrees that the refund will be the full extent of damages he or she is entitled to and no further damages may be sought against the Disc-Jockey. In the unlikely event that the Disc-Jockey is delayed and the event does not start on time, or time is lost during the event due to equipment malfunction, the Disc-Jockey will refund the portion of fees paid prorated to the time lost or play the music later than scheduled. This is the extent of the Disc-Jockey’s liabilities.

6. The Client agrees that this contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. In the event of a suit involving or relating to this agreement, the Client agrees that the Venue for the suit will be : __LEE County, FL________ In the event that legal action is taken by the Disc-Jockey to enforce this agreement, the Client agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and interest to the Disc-Jockey. In the event that the Client takes legal action against the Disc-Jockey, the Client agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Disc-Jockey,
unless the Client is awarded a judgment against the Disc-Jockey.

7. This Contract contains all of the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Client and the Company, and no other agreements, oral or otherwise regarding the subject matter of this contract or performance for the event stated on this contract, shall be deemed to exist.

NOTE: By filling in all of the blanks below I agree to all points of the contract:
DJ R.I.P. Tide, Kim E. McCartney, agrees to all points of the contract after you have signed.



1.  Let DJ Riptide know what you want them to wear.

2.  Let DJ Riptide know if you will provide food and drink for them during your party, or if they should bring their own.

3.  DJ Riptide does not need a table, just one clean outlet.

You are considered “booked after receipt of the deposit and the contract below:

By entering your name and email address you agree that this is your digital signature and agree to all points of our contract above:

Important:  List the amount you still owe after paying the $100 deposit in the “Message” section of this form.

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