Fort Myers DJ Radio Edits

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Fort Myers DJ Radio Edits

Make sure your DJ has radio edits for all of his songs.  In some cases you might have a lot of younger people who want to hear and dance to all of the top 40 songs.  Many of those original songs have lots of cussing words in them.

Many people hear songs on the radio and the songs may become their favorites to dance to.  Some people never realize all of the cuss words that may be connected to those songs because they’ve been cleaned up by radio edits.  In other words, the songs are played on the radio or other public venues, (including the Ellen show) have had the cuss words removed.

If your DJ does not have the radio edits, many of your guest’s favorite songs will not get to be played because of their content.  Many DJ’s do not have radio edits because it’s hard to get them by free downloading.  Many unprofessional DJ’s get their music through free downloading and so don’t get the radio edits.

At the time of this writing this author does not know of any websites that filter the lyrics of a song to let someone know what cuss words are in a given song.  So, if someone is free downloading songs they would have to listen closely to all of the lyrics of each song to determine if they have cuss words in them.  This would be very time consuming for a DJ who is trying to keep up with all of the top 40 music of today.

In order to get real radio edits a DJ would almost have to buy them from a company who has already mixed the cuss words out of the song and this can be very expensive.   Professional DJ’s bare the expense and may have to charge a little more for your party in order for him or her to make a profit.

So, be sure you ask the DJ you plan to hire if he has the radio edits for all of the top 40 songs that your guests may want to dance to.  If he doesn’t, you should probably hire someone else.

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