Fort Myers DJ And The San Carlos Lounge

 DJ Riptide plays music at only one regular establishment in Fort Myers.  We play at the San Carlos lounge on the 3rd Friday of every month.  The owner of the lounge once told us that he has hired many bands in the past and they always tell him they have a big following that will be there the night that they play.  He said, it never happens and the only entertainment that ever brings a following is DJ Riptide 🙂

On the nights we play at San Carlos lounge we normally have from 50 to 70 of our friends that come to enjoy the night with us.  They never go to the lounge at any other time other than when we play there.  What a compliment for us!  The friends that come to our parties were our customers in the past who hired us for private parties, receptions, and other events over the 12 years we’ve been DJ-ing in SW Florida.  Some were customers and some were guests of all those old past parties.

We actually have a group of 4000 people who get our newsletters about upcoming parties.  We hope that after you hire us and we do your party, you join our friends and we see you again and again in the future.

Thanks to all who support us and we love playing the music for you.  We love your smiles and laughter, your dancing, your friendship.  We love you all…..

Cactus Dave and Kimi

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