Fort Myers DJ Loves To Take Requests

 We have found that groups of people who go to the same nightclub or who have gone to parties together for years, know exactly what everyone wants to dance to.  Sometimes someone will request a song that we are reluctant to play, but find it just the ticket to really liven up the party.  Families or groups of friends really know best what will get people up and dancing.

Many times just one request will tune us in to the genres that will work best for a certain group of people.  Some DJ’s will get a request from someone but then wait for an hour or more to play the song.  Sometimes I think it’s just to show who is running the show 🙂  We play the request as soon as possible, trying not to spoil the mood of the dance floor.  In other words, if you have a bunch of people up on the floor getting crazy and you have played a slow song a couple songs before, you don’t want to play another slow right then.  If someone requests another slow song right at that point we may wait a while to play it.

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