Your Fort Myers DJ Can Play The Twist

 Yes, we still do play “The Twist” at some of our gigs!  We are open to any type of music and Cactus Dave is expert in many genres to include Country, Hip-Hop, Oldies, Top 40, Rock and Roll, Southern Rock, Club, House, and many others.

Some DJ’s specialize in only one or two genres so make sure ahead of your party that he or she will have the music you like. Some DJ’s use CD’s, some use records, some are digital.  Ask your DJ what medium he will be using and understand the needs of his system.  For instance, records and CD’s can’t stand a really vibrating dance floor for the most part because it makes them skip.

Some DJ’s only bring some of their music with them.  Ask your DJ if he will be bringing all of his music and what genres he will have with him.  If you have a song you want to make sure he has make sure to tell him well ahead of time.  Don’t think “oh, he’ll have to have that one already” because he may not.

Always try to hire a professional DJ if you want a quality party, don’t take the chance of hiring a kid with a little pack of CD’s and some cheap speakers.  You can always use a boom box if you just want something to listen to.  However, if you want a real party with great sound, and someone who will read the crowd and get people dancing, you need a professional.

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