Fort Myers DJ Games


Fort Myers DJ Games

Some mobile DJ’s are good at doing games for your party and some are not.  It’s sometimes a fine line in order to get people up and doing a game, and turning them off by trying to force them into it.

Your Fort Myers DJ Riptide is really good at getting people to play games because of years of experience.

Here are some steps to use in order to get people to participate in a game:

1.  Let your crowd know that you are going to get a game going.

2.  Tell them there will be prizes, (if there will be) for the winners.  Might be only first place or maybe second and third place or even more places.

3.  If the prizes are substantial tell them what the prizes are.  If the prizes are minimal, cheap prizes, don’t tell your audience ahead of time what they are.  Your crowd doesn’t know it yet but they are going to have fun no matter what the prizes are.  You just have to get them to participate first.

4.  If it’s a cash prize and substantial let them know how much.  If it’s minimal, just say cash prizes.

5.  Ask your audience to make their way to the dance floor and don’t tell them anything about the game yet except that it’s a very easy game and will only take a few minutes to play.  Tell them “you only live once so come on up and have fun!”  Or, you can say, ” It’s a celebration of so and so’s wedding, and we need you up here to have fun on their special day!”  That’s if it’s a wedding celebration.

6.  If they are not going to have to dance to play the game be sure to tell them not to worry, they don’t have to dance.  Or, if it’s just going to be a slow dance as part of the game let them know that too.  Some people will never join a game where they will have to fast dance.

7.  If there are props for the game, pass them out now, (still not telling game rules).  Some people will sit down when they hear the rules and don’t like them or think they may be too embarrassed by them.  Once they are holding a prop they will be less likely to sit down because they will feel guilty about going this far and not joining in.

8.  At last, tell them the rules of the game and how it will work.  Talk fast and start a practice round.

9.  Now you’ve got most of them so “let the games begin!”  They will have fun for the most part and you have just used a little nudging to help them have some fun.

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