Naples DJ Radio Edits

Naples DJ Radio Edits

It doesn’t make sense nowadays for a disc jockey to buy songs that are not radio edits.  Mobile DJ’s play to many different types of audiences, some adult, some mixed.  At many parties and receptions there are a mixture of very mature people as well as young children and all diverse groups in-between.

Many top 40 of any genre can have one or more curse words, ethnic slurs, slams, etc. that can be very offensive to certain audiences.  I used to be against the radio edits because I felt it took away from the original.  I would spend a lot of time trying to categorize my music into songs with curse words and songs without.  It was a never ending job and there were times at a gig I had to quickly cut a song off if a song had curse words I didn’t catch.

Invariably if I did a gig with children present or older generation I would have to refuse to play a song or two that was requested because I knew it wasn’t appropriate for the audience.  I didn’t even do children’s birthdays, graduations, school parties at all because I knew they would probably be requesting songs that were downright dirty or suggestive.

There are many, many songs out there that are great dance songs and very popular with children and adults that have a few really hard core cuss words in them.  I was missing out on playing these songs for my audiences because they were inappropriate for the setting.

A few years ago a friend suggested a company that I could buy all radio edits from when purchasing my music.  On a whim, I decided to try it out just for the heck of it.  I bought the top 40 list that week all in radio edits.  At a gig that weekend someone requested one of the new top hits and I was able to play it no problem because I had the radio edit.  What a great feeling it was to have the dance floor loaded and not have to worry about someone being offended by cuss words.  Everyone was happy!

Now I buy all radio edits when updating my songs lists.  I have never had anyone complain that the cuss words were taken out of any song and I’m able to play almost all songs to almost all audiences.

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