Your Fort Myers DJ Party And The Weather


Picture of a DJ Riptide gig

Don’t let your party be spoiled by the rain.  Here in SW Florida after June 1st the rainy season starts and it gets wet almost every day through November.  Beach parties and receptions are great so by all means go ahead and plan one.  The rain usually comes each day and it rains hard for a few minutes, maybe up to an hour, but then it usually stops and the sun comes right back out to shine on your party.

Remember though, your DJ has thousands of dollars worth of equipment and under no circumstances can he afford to even get a drop of water on most of it.  Make sure your DJ has some type of shelter to set up under if doing an outdoor or beach party.  Some DJ’s won’t even do them because of the chance his equipment could get wet.

Make sure the shelter you provide is totally water proof, not just one of those easy-up sun shelters from Wal*Mart or something.  The shelter must also have sides because the slightest breeze will blow rain across the equipment.

DJ Riptide does have a shelter that we can provide but we do charge an extra $50 to lug it out to the beach and set it up.  It takes quite a bit of extra time and energy to do it so that’s why we charge a little more.  Be sure to give us extra time if we have to pic up the equipment and shelter to move to another area for an indoor reception after the ceremony.

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