How Can A Fort Myers DJ Get People To Dance

Picture of Kimi at the DJ table

A good DJ can do things to get a crowd dancing if he is a professional.  Certain mid-high frequency, or base volumes can get people to want to dance sub- conciously.   Some crowds are really tough to get dancing however, and a good DJ will have to really work but may get a few up and moving.  Smaller crowds many times can be tougher to get dancing because maybe most of them are non dancers.  With larger crowds you usually get someone who is a dancing fool to get up there and get more people motivated.

For a wedding reception it’s not a good idea to tie your DJ’s hands by telling him no Electric Slide, or no Cha Cha Slide, No Y.M.C.A. or even at times No Chicken Dance 🙂  Yes, you may hate some of these but these particular songs just get people on the dance floor for some ungodly reason….LOL  Once you get people up there a time or two, the sky may be the limit and your party will be a great success!

During a 4 hour gig for a DJ he will play around 70 or more songs if everything keeps moving quickly.  In other words if a DJ has 2 or 300 top dance songs  he probably won’t steer you wrong and someone is going to dance.  Make sure when you hire your DJ he is very agreeable to doing requests and your guests will be mostly happy with that.  Don’t try to tell your DJ each and every song to play and when to play them.  DJ-ing looks easy but it’s a really tough job!

A DJ is never going to be able to keep everyone happy but if he can keep the majority smiling and in a good mood, he has been a success.  Remember, you have hired the DJ and you are the boss but even though you hate Country music many of your guests may just eat it up.  You have hired your DJ for yours AND your guest’s enjoyment right?  Let your DJ experiment with the crowd to see what really gets them going.

Hire a professional DJ, not a “Hack!”  Put your trust in him to help make your party a huge success.  The most beautiful dress, The tallest, fanciest cake, the most delicious food is nothing compared to the kick butt music your DJ will play for your party!  He will make or break the event, so don’t hire a bargain basement kid with a couple of cheap speakers and a sack of old cd’s.  Get a professional who has experience, state of the art equipment, lights, and knows what the Hell he’s doing 🙂

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