Work With Your Fort Myers DJ

We use planners for the bride and groom that they fill out on our website before the big day happens.  Every step is mapped out for them and what songs to play, whom to announce, dedications, etc.  We meet with the bride and groom in person many times to go over the planners that they’ve filled out.  We want to make sure everyone is on the same page when the wedding and receptions starts.

Sometimes we have slight problems to big problems if an event planner takes it upon themselves to guide the bride and groom in a totally different direction than what we planned with them. This creates a lot of confusion that the bride and groom mostly don’t even realize is happening.

If you want your DJ to be the emcee, make sure he knows everything ahead of time since he will actually be guiding the events along during the party.  Event Planners, please make sure to work with the DJ before the day of the reception, and/or wedding.

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