We Had A Terrible Fort Myers DJ

Your very special day has finally arrived and you have planned your wedding since you were a little girl.  All is ready and the cake, your dress, the flowers are perfect.  You also got a really great deal on your disc jockey…..or did you?

We hear the horror stories every day and many people don’t stop to think that they may pay less for their DJ than any other part of the wedding or reception.  Yes, you may pay less and yet your DJ can totally make or break your most important day!

Please, if you really want to have a great reception don’t look for the cheapest DJ you can find for your event.  Professional DJ’s are proud of their work and will not do your ceremony for $150.00.  We have too much expense in equipment and music to even make that feasible.  Choose your DJ very carefully by:

1.  Go to his website and find out all you can about the DJ.  Ours is at http://www.djriptide.com

2.  Make sure your DJ has proof of insurance.  Many venues will not let a DJ perform without insurance and they may turn him away on your special day if he doesn’t have it.

3.  Your DJ should have a contract for you both to sign.  A contract is an important document and helps to make sure there is no confusion about what you will be paying for your event, what time it starts, where the event is held, etc.

4.  Professional DJ’s will usually have a way for you to pay by credit card and that helps to authenticate his business.  There should be a phone number for you to reach the DJ and he should supply his address if you ask for it.

5.  Ask your DJ what songs he is most comfortable playing.  Many DJ’s specialize in a couple of different genres of music and have very little of anything else.  Unless you love “Oldies” or “Heavy Metal” all night, you better make sure what kind of music he will play.  Tell him the music you are interested in and ask if he will have those genres.

Choose your disc jockey carefully and meet him ahead of time if you can.  Your DJ can take the worry of what and when to do this, or cut the cake, or introduce uncle Phil, or when to do the prayer etc.  He can help you make your day a smooth flow of fun and enjoyment, so make sure you choose him wisely.


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