The Food, Or Catering For Your Day

Picture of people dancing at one of our parties

Your reception and the catering

Catering is an important part of your wedding reception.  You can also have a family member or friends take care of the food.  There’s no rule, it’s all up to the bride and groom.

You can have your receiving line before the food lineup to meet the bridal couple or you can do that any other time during the reception.  Usually the prayer is first, then the toasts, then they eat.

Make sure you have enough for everyone to eat and that it will be ready on time.  We’ve seen a pig roasted that didn’t get done until everyone had already left and went home.  A good rule of thumb to figure out how many guests is not how many you invited.  You take the number of guests that RSVP’d that they will be there and cut that in half.  You would be surprised how often that works out to be true.

Choose your reception site by what you can afford and please make sure there is a place to go in case of bad weather.  Your reception could be ruined by rain if you can’t get inside somewhere.


Reception Costs

Almost half of what your total wedding costs will be paid at the reception. and there are points to consider if you are on a budget.

The bar can cost a lot of money.  Is it a cash bar or are you going to foot the bill?  What about soft drinks?

What about equipment rental?  Make sure you think about what you will need, where you will get it, and how much can you afford.

The Food

What food do you want to provide for your guests?  You can have everything from ribeye to prime rib to tacos.  Much depends on your resources or what can be afforded.  Try to make sure the food is tasty and everyone will probably love it.

The Cake

Are you going to have a cake or cupcakes?  When people attend a reception this is one of the things they appreciate the most.  It has been trending more today to just have cupcakes at some receptions.  The cost may be the biggest factor in what you choose.

Many women have a picture of their dream wedding gown in their head long before they even meet the man they want to marry.  Wedding dresses are just one of the things to think about when it comes to wardrobe.  Check out our pages to find out more.