The Details Of Your Fort Myers Wedding Or Party

Picture of Dave and Kimi at Reception

All of the details

There are many details of wedding planning especially if you’ve never done it before. You must think about the ceremony and the reception.  You may also have a rehearsal.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal is important in order for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the details.

Your DJ the officiant, and wedding planner as well as you all need to know what each other is going to do during the wedding and reception.

Rehearsal Party

Usually the rehearsal party is hosted by the groom’s parents and paid for by them.  With the huge costs today sometimes that isn’t always the case.  Many times it’s who can afford what and who wants to help with the expenses.  Nothing is set in stone.

The rehearsal party can be a lot of fun to mingle family and friends and for all to get to know each other. Many times the bridal couple gives gifts to wedding party attendants during this party.

There are many avenues that can be taken for the rehearsal party and you can have it in your home or at a restaurant, or other venue.  It’s all your preference.

You can invite any, all or everyone to your rehearsal party.

The Ceremony

Usually the bride and groom have their Idea of what they want their ceremony to be.  Money could be an issue for some things but the sky is the limit and we say, “forget the rules,”  Do it any way you want to.


Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are the special choice of the bride and groom.

There can be traditional vows or self written vows.  It’s all what the couple prefers.

The Receiving Line

We are mostly seeing nowadays that after the ceremony there is a receiving line when the bride and groom mingle with the guests.  Many times it’s not formal and it can happen after photos or before.