Just Have Fun With Your DJ

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Have Fun With Your DJ

You can have fun with your DJ by planning a wedding reception or just a regular party.  Put on weird clothes or outfits, wear a mask, beads, glow sticks.  Eat good food and laugh, dance with your friends.

If you are having a reception there will probably be gifts from your families and friends.  Be sure to register at major stores in your area to get the stuff you want

If you can get the time away and have the money be sure to take a honeymoon.  It can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable times of your wedding.


Someone will throw you a shower and you may get many gifts.  Be sure to send a thank you to all who give you a gift.

Bridal showers probably began years ago to help the bride and grooms start a new life together.  That way they would have a pan or two and a couple of plates and silverware to at least get started.

Some brides get several showers because of different sets of friends or different families.  Sometimes everyone wants to get in on the fun.

A popular trend is a couples shower, where the engaged couple attends together and the guest list includes other couples.

Every person that throws a shower for you should get a a thank you note or even a small gift for going to all the trouble for you.

Bridesmaid Party

Sometimes the brides even host a party for their bridesmaids before the wedding and remember, you can have fun with your DJ at any of these parties.

Post-Wedding Party

Some of your out-of-town guests may not leave the day after the reception.  They may want to stick around to visit or see the sites.  Be sure to entertain them whenever possible and you can even put on a post wedding party.

The Honeymoon


After the honeymoon be sure to send a thanks to your DJ if he did a good job.  Give him 5 stars if he deserves it.