What To Watch Out For When Hiring A Fort Myers DJ

There are lots of DJ’s in this world with a couple of cheap speakers and a case of outdated CD’s who you can probably hire cheaper. If you want some music played from a boom box why hire a DJ at all? We know DJ’s who play in night clubs right now who only charge $60.00 for 4 hours. One DJ in particular has been DJ-ing for 35 years! He comes walking into the club about 5 minutes before the gig and throws his little CD case on the table with about a 100 songs in it. He turns on the house system and starts playing one genre of music (because that’s all he knows). You can’t ask him for a request because he’s never even heard of the song you want, let alone have it in his mix of garbage. The audience would almost take up a collection and pay him the $60 bucks to leave and use the juke instead!

For a wedding or reception, and other parties your DJ will be the most important part of the evening for your guests, and yet you will spend less for him than just about any other part of the event. You might as well have someone who is going to give you a quality show that will help you remember the “killer Party” you had!

cape coral dj wedding table setup
The Handmade Cedar Front Of Our Table

t’s Really all “Just as Simple as That” To Make Your Party a Success!

Just Hire DJ R.I.P. Tide

Cactus Dave and Kimi are True DJ Professionals


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