Steps For A Fort Myers DJ Wedding Reception

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Southwest Florida

Flow of events some people use for a reception:

1. DJ plays music as guests arrive at the hall after the ceremony.

2. Bride and groom and bridal party arrives from taking pictures after the ceremony.

3.  DJ announces members of the bridal party and family as they enter the hall.

4.  DJ announces bride and groom as they enter the hall, and they do their first dance.

5.  Just before dinner is ready, someone does the prayer then some people do the toast by the best man or by the maid of honor or both, (or anyone else that wants to do the toast).  Then everyone eats as DJ plays dinner music.

6.  After dinner We usually play some dance music for a while, then do the groom and mother, bride and father dances.  We also do other requests for dance songs that people want to announce.

7.  After more dancing we do the cake cutting.  Then a couple more dances and we do the boquet toss and right after, the garter toss.  Some people have whoever catches the boquet dance with whoever caught the garter.

8.  Then everyone dances again until the bride and groom get ready to leave and we do a last song for them.

The above is just a suggestion as to the order of events that happens at many receptions.  You can do yours any way you like, adding other events or taking them away.  It’s very important to let your DJ know though so he can be prepared and you are both on the same page.

Any songs that you really want to be played during the event you must let your DJ know way ahead of time.  Don’t think that you are sure a DJ will have a certain song because he may not.  Let him know so he can be sure to have it.

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