Photography Of Your Wedding Or Party

Picture of Kimi at DJ Table



Get a good photographer the best way you can.  Poor pictures can really be a shame and affect your memories of the occasion. When your wedding and reception is over, in a very short time it will be hard to remember.  Make sure you get pictures so you don’t forget.

Who to Hire

Check out your prospective photographer’s past events and ask friends.  Check websites for good reviews to hire someone to take your photographs.

Getting the Important Shots

You should make sure the photographer is getting the shots you want, you are paying for it.

Do you want videos

With videos you not only get the pictures, but also the sound.  You should at least get someone to take videos even if just a trusted friends.  When you do your vows a video will be much appreciated by you later.

Yes, it can be expensive to get married and have a nice reception.  It all just depends how you want things to go.  Try to remember though that great music and a good DJ can really make or break the party.  It will also be very important to you quickly after the wedding to have some great pictures.