What To Look For When You Find a Great DJ in Fort Myers

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What to look for when hiring a Great DJ in Fort Myers

What to look for when hiring a great DJ in Fort Myers?  Most DJ’s are very proud of their music and their equipment. Some are downright fanatics about it, and those are the DJ’s you do not want to hire! There are DJ’s for instance who are completely into sub woofers, having the loudest, the deepest, the biggest, whatever. I have heard some DJ’s brag that their sub was so powerful that nobody could stay in the room as the walls, and windows vibrated so much nobody could stand it. That DJ felt that he had really accomplished something great by driving people out of the room with his super equipment and speakers.

Some great DJ’s will be very offended if you come up and ask them to “turn it down just a little bit.” Some of those DJ’s feel that they are the boss, they are the only ones that know how loud a certain song should be played, and they will be very upset if someone tries to tell them what volume to play a song at. Some of them just simply won’t turn it down.

Many great DJ’s won’t take requests or don’t like to take requests because it makes it seem like they are not choosing the songs correctly. They think you should be awed at their music choices and shouldn’t even want to ask for a different song than in their list.

Remember, “YOU Are The Boss” when you hire a disc jockey and YOU control the music volume. Don’t spend the evening trying to yell at each other just to be heard. If your DJ doesn’t turn it down right away go and ask him to do it again.

YOU are paying for the party! Your DJ should only be too happy to take your song requests. If he doesn’t have a particular song you want, don’t blame him for it, because there are millions of songs and he could never have them all.

If you have particular songs you know you will want be sure to ask the DJ if he can get them well before the party. Don’t assume he will have a particular song because he may not.

Anything you are expecting of your DJ should have been discussed ahead of time and you both should have signed a contract for the event.

Be sure to find out if your DJ has liability insurance. Some venues will ask him for proof on the night of the event. Your party could be spoiled if he isn’t let into the venue because of no insurance.