Naples DJ New Year’s Eve

  New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest parties of the year and most DJ’s will get booked early for this event.  Now is the time to find your professional DJ for the party.  Many people wait until the last minute and then have a really hard time finding a DJ that can do this party and is not already booked.

DJ Riptide, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples FL DJ is already booked for the New Year’s Eve event but we do have another DJ working with us who is not.  DJ Robert is available at the time of this blog, so contact us at to inquire about our services and booking DJ Robert for New Year’s Eve.

DJ Robert is a professional who has been a DJ for over 20 years and has all of the equipment and songs lists needed to give you a great party.

Our prices are very fair and on our website you can fill out a short form to get your quote.  We do ask for a $100 dollar deposit and for you to sign our contract in order for you to be “booked” and your party date saved for our services.  We ask for cash to pay the remainder of your party within the first hour of your event.

So, don’t wait, contact us to hire DJ Robert and make sure you get a DJ for this most important party you are having New Year’s Eve, 2015

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